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We are Client centric. Seeing our clients win their legal goals is our passion. Every day we strive to excel at what we know, do and have over a decade of professional experience in. Any questions in matters of the Personal Law: Auto Accident, Dog Bites, Slip and Fall, wrongful death, Pedestrian Accidents. motorcycle accidents– we are here to help!

Auto Accident

  • Consultation
  • Steps for Handling an Accident Situation

Wrongful Death

    • Establishment of Support
    • Negligence
    • Accidents


Dog Bites

  • Complex Support
  • Compensation from the owner

Pedestrian Accidents

  • Prompt Investigation of the Accident
  • Calculating Damages
  • Getting bills Paid

Slip and Fall

  • Expert study of the situation
  • Physical and Legal Custody
  • Grandparent Rights

Motorcycle Accidents

  • Prompt Investigation of the Accident
  • Lost wages, past and future
  • Getting bills Paid

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In addition to maintaining an active traditional litigation-based family law practice, we are collaboratively trained, offering a mediation-based approach to family disputes, and keeping them out of the courtroom.







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We are known for identifying his clients’ motivations and needs, and then guiding them toward the best path for resolution. He works to keep cases out of the courtroom, but when necessary, we are fully prepared to take a case to trial, which often creates pressure on the opposing party and incentivizes him/her to settle.

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